Kristina Kasiyan, was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, which was a former republic of the Soviet Union. Both of her parents worked in the film industry that was developing in her country. She recalls childhood memories of her father taking her to watch the remake of the theatrical classic, King Kong. She screamed and cried the whole time thinking it was happening in real life but never forced her dad to leave. It was then, Kristina fell in love with the film industry.

During the winter of 1991, tensions between the Soviet Union and the surrounding republics grew. Violence and war over religion spread throughout the villages of the Soviet Union. Kristina's family was forced to leave their home and belongings in order to secure their safety. They fled to her grandmother's apartment in Moscow for shelter. Days later, Kristina and her family found out that their home had been broken into and everything was stolen. It was then; Kristina's parents came to realize that they had to get their daughter out of the country if they were to have any chance of making a better life for her.

In February 1991, she and her family left the Soviet Union in hopes of finding a better life in America. With the help of social services, they were placed with a host family in Lansing, Michigan. Kristina's parents had no choice but to start from scratch since their education and previous work experience were not accredited in the US. Kristina recalls adjusting to the American lifestyle a very strange process. Her native language was Russian and though her family chose the U.S. as the place to start their new life, Kristina knew absolutely no English when she arrived. She remembers being very shy and not wanting to learn or practice speaking English. However, after Kristina started school, her fear weakened as she began making friends. In less than a year’s time, she became quite proficient in speaking English. As a result of her new found language and accomplishing the task of learning to speak English, Kristina’s confidence began to expand.

It was not long after arriving in the U.S. that Kristina developed a love for television and music. She started memorizing song lyrics and making her own dance routines in hopes of performing them on stage some day. At the age of 8, Kristina's love shifted from music and television to still photography. She would dress up and ask her mother to take pictures of her nearly everyday. Kristina would change outfits and her hair and practice different poses. She recalls hanging up posters of famous actors and models all around her room, in hopes of being just like them one day.

Because of Kristina’s love of being on stage and performing in front of a live audience, while still young, she enrolled in theatre and drama classes at the school she was attending. She continued taking acting classes in high school and later in college.

During Kristina's adolescence, modeling and acting became more of a hobby than a career path. While it was what she always wanted to do, her parents preferred she choose a career that they deemed more stable and secure. Though entertainment and the arts were not her parents idea of a career path for their daughter, Kristina’s passion for entertaining was too great for her to walk away from so after graduating high school, she made the choice to peruse her degree in Telecommunication at Michigan State University. During her time there, she dedicated her time to local radio stations as an on-air DJ and production assistant.

In 2007, Kristina graduated with her bachelors degree and instead of finding a 9 to 5 job in the state of Michigan, she decided to let her ambitions run wild and move to Los Angeles, California. Her parents did not take her move lightly and begged her to reconsider; however, after Kristina reassured them that everything would be okay and that she had to follow her dream, they gave in.

Since moving to California, Kristina has been a part of many different film and television productions which can be viewed in her resume.

During her free time, Kristina attends acting classes at various schools in California. One of her most enjoyable classes has been Bobbie Chance Expressions Studio in Sherman Oaks.

Kristina believes her versatility and previous experiences in life will stand out in her acting ability. She has faith, patience and the determination needed to pursue her life’s ambition of entertaining the world.